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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

2019's FPA MA Financial Planner of the Year, Glenn Frank.  Glenn tells about his professional experience culminating at Lexington Wealth Management.  Glenn has taught at Bentley, helping to create their Masters of Personal Financial Planning program, while also building a successful financial planning practice.  Throughout it all, Glenn has been helping clients, and advisors help clients, prioritize the use of time & money to focus on finding joy.  With his new website,, which currently shares numerous useful linked resources, but soon will also share more on "The Encore Door", "The Giving Decision", and the "Hire an Advisor or Do It Yourself".  

One of Glenn's initiatives is to help retirees leverage their talents to volunteer, work for, or donate to non-profits.  The Encore Door, helps retirees continue to share their skills for causes about which they care and bring them greater fulfillment. 

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