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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Feb 15, 2020

Guest estate planning attorney, F. Keats Boyd, III, brother of host Chris Boyd and owner of the law firm, Boyd & Boyd, PC, reviews key provisions of the new #SECUREAct and its impact for retirement accounts.  Keats shares greater detail on the estate planning implications and opportunities raised by the passage of this...

Feb 15, 2020

Mike Byrnes of Byrnes Consulting shares numerous ideas with host Chris Boyd on how to improve your marketing to be a more effective financial advisor.  Topics include: 

  • Position yourself for more referrals 
  • Enhancing trust with clients
  • Improving communication while benefiting from technology rather than worrying about...

Feb 5, 2020

Revisiting the Advisor Alpha study and reminding advisors of the 3-P’s.  Keeping clients focused first on the “why” & the planning can help keep clients on track and advisors’ business progressing in the face of financial industry disruption.  It’s all about the relationship & behavioral coaching.