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Wicked Pissah Podcast


The Wicked Pissah Podcast, brought to you by the Financial Planning Association of New England (FPA® of New England), features discussions for financial professionals including topics of financial planning, recent or future events in the financial services industry, and interactions with influential speakers from across the industry. Additionally, the educational program will review the latest updates and announcements surrounding the New England chapter of FPA. Join us and listen in for engaging discussions and insightful content!

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The Financial Planning Association® of New England helps people improve their lives by emphasizing the benefits of financial planning. Our vision is furthered through a professional code of ethics, continuing professional education, and philanthropic community involvement.

FPA® of New England honors itself and inspires others by recommending legislation, elevating public awareness, promoting financial literacy and advocating for sound economic and tax policies. While our environment may change, FPA® of New England is committed to providing leadership on these fronts. We as FPA® of New England members resolve to support one another and to add to the dignity and meaning of the countless lives we touch.