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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

Marketing perspective and tips are shared by Marie Swift & Jonny Swift of Impact Communications. Social Media, websites, communications, and more. Learn the PESO marketing model and the 4C's of content marketing. Join hosts Chris Boyd and Jeff Tomaneng to bring depth to your marketing planning.

Join Impact Communications for an upcoming webinar on modern marketing methods for financial advisors, hosted by FPA MA, on 3/30/2021 @ 12 Noon ET by registering here. 



FB:        @FPAMASS

LinkedIn:    @financial-planning-association-of-massachusetts

Twitter:        @FPA_MA 


FPA FB:    @FinancialPlanningAssociation

FPA LinkedIn:    @financial-planning-association

FPA Twitter:    @fpassociation 


AMR/Chris Boyd/Jeff Tomaneng:

FB:        @Asset-Management-Resources-LLC-127731740611374

Twitter:        @AssetMgmtRsrcs @SMoreChrisBoyd, @TomanengJeff