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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Jun 6, 2020

Join host Chris Boyd for an exceptional panel to discuss - Important Conversations. Consider various conversations to have with clients about their life’s legacy, wishes, and family communications. Panel members are Dr. Amy D’Aprix, Susan Turnbull, and Robert (Bob) Mauterstock. 

Dr. Amy D’Aprix, Life Transition Expert - worked with large financial institutions throughout her career supporting the work of financial advisors and their clients.clients. Her new service for financial advisors, Trusted Advisors of Choice, launches in July. The accompanying Client Portal will launch in October. You can learn about both services at: www.DrAmy.Life 

Susan Turnbull - is founder and Principal of Personal Legacy Advisors, LLC.  She is a professional writer, speaker, workshop facilitator and an author.  Among her publications of which advisors will want to particularly take note is “The Wealth of Your Life:  A Step-By-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will”.  Find out more at

Bob Mauterstock - After a career as a financial planner, Bob was compelled to share the wealth of his experience by writing books, public speaking, and helping advisors build the skills they need to hold important conversations and plan appropriately for issues of retirement.  Bob is a co-founder of  Learn more about Bob’s work at