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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Nov 3, 2019

Host Chris Boyd interviews Evelyn Zohlen (FPA 2019 President) & Martin Seay (FPA 2020 President) for an update on the OneFPA Network.  They discuss the start of "participatory governance" with the birth of the OneFPA Advisory Council, & insights into the goals of the Chapter Beta Test process.  They share insights into how members will have a greater role and benefit from key committees in the national organization. Also, how they seek to improve collaboration between chapters and all constituencies and the national board. Chris asks about recent controversy regarding the new board and plans to increase membership.  Listen in to a wide ranging conversation on the future of the FPA.

For specifics about their conversation, see below: 

0:00 - Introductions - Meet Evelyn Zohlen (FPA 2019 President) & Martin Saey (FPA 2020 President)
7:00 - Intro to "OneFPA Network" - Evelyn
13:00 - OneFPA Network - 86 Communities - Martin
17:45 - Beta Test & Participatory Governance -
21:40 - Board of Directors - still in control
22:50 - Importance of Committee Representation
25:20 - future of "mandatory disincorporation" & association finances
28:30 - OneFPA Resource Committee
32:00 - Association Management Training for Chapter Executives
34:00 - Technology
39:00 - KPI's (, page 12
43:30 - Inclusivity: changing culture from Chapter vs National
46:00 - new board of directors controversy
53:45 - Membership growth critique
60:42 - Beta Test timeline, future implementations, concluding remarks