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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Dec 19, 2023

Alex Fratila, CFA speaks with host Chris Boyd about Managed Futures.  Learn what are the benefits of use of futures in designing an investment portfolio.  How they work, what asset classes can be represented, and how inclusion of a managed futures strategy into clients' portfolios has the potential to help reduce volatility and produce more appealing risk-adjusted returns, particularly in the most volatile of times.

Fratila & Company is an alternative investment firm, seeking to generate uncorrelated returns with public market-like liquidity. The firm is headed by ex-CSS trader, Alex Fratila. Fratila & Company attempts to further the concepts utilized at CSS, which was founded by the original UBS O’Connor team after Swiss Bank purchased O’Connor in 1992.

Join us for an interesting discussion as you contemplate how you might manage risk in your client accounts as we round out 2023 and move toward a new year. 






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