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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

Bob Powell is one busy individual. He is on the ground floor of a streaming financial channel, FinStream.TV. Some content he creates, but much is contributed by advisors for not only FinStream, but also The Street’s Retirement Daily, & Retirement Management Journal. Additionally, he hosts podcasts for the Investment & Wealth Institute’s “The Exceptional Advisor Podcast” & Callaway Climate Insights podcast. In addition, Bob is one of the founders of the Elder Planning Specialist program. Listen about great resources & opportunities with Bob Powell.


Elder Planning Specialist Program: (Also on Roku and Apple TV)


Retirement Management Journal:


Exceptional Advisor podcast:


Callaway Climate Insight:


Retirement Daily:


Retirement Management Advisor:

Social Media

Twitter:     @rjpiii

LinkedIn:     @powellrobert