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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Mar 29, 2020

In addition to insights into the help available through the Small Business Administration (SBA), we asked our partners for what resources they have available for our members.  In this episode, hear from T. Rowe Price’s Karen Igler and portfolio strategist Matt Ko. Karen shares great advisor tools & links (see below), while Matt, who is a portfolio specialist with their multi-asset team in the Asset Allocation Group, provides insights and perspectives surrounding the Coronavirus Panic.  Additionally, we hear from Donna McKeon ( of The Mortgage Network on mortgages & low rates, and Jerry Auippa (, Longbridge Financial, on how Reverse Mortgages can help clients in tough financial times.


T. Rowe Price - tools for advisors in the time of Coronavirus:

Additionally, for 3 great articles of interest, “The Revenge of the Stock Pickers”, “U.S. Equities - Long-Term Benefits of The T. Rowe Price Strategic Investing Approach”, and “Time-tested and disciplined - The T. Rowe Price Strategic Investing Approach”, contact


Vanguard Financial Advisor Services

Kelly Orr of Vanguard Financial Advisor Services was not able to participate in the podcast, but did share this link for another abundance of useful resources:  Request from Kelly the handy and useful “Market Volatility Slide Library” by emailing her: 


Longbridge Financial, LLC - Reverse Mortgage in Coronavirus times Webinar: