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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

For a review of their recent webinar presentation on the state of the Financial Planning Association, Skip Schweiss, FPA 2021 President, Dennis Moore, FPA President-Elect, and Patrick Mahoney, FPA CEO, return to WPP with this week’s hosts Chris Boyd & Jeff Tomaneng.  

Patrick shares a great new member benefit, FPA Market Place, providing numerous outstanding discounts on programs and services for professional and personal use for members. Skip reminds members that Advocacy Day will occur virtually this year, and we discuss with Dennis some of the Advocacy challenges and priorities. Also, FPA Annual Conference is back in person Sept 22-24 in Columbus, OH (

After a pandemic year, declining membership, virtual meetings, next, time is spent reviewing the financial health of the organization.  With 18,630 members, we discuss membership and investment priorities for the long-term health of the FPA to be a vital and growing professional resource.

Skip Schweiss (2021 President):

Skip Schweiss:

Facebook: @skip.schweiss

LinkedIn: @skip-schweiss

Twitter: @SkipSchweiss

Dennis Moore (2021 President-Elect):

LinkedIn: @dennisjmoore

Twitter: @DennisJoeMoore


Patrick Mahoney, CEO:

LinkedIn: @mahoneypd

Twitter: @mahoneypd


Jeff Tomaneng (Former President):

FaceBook: Jeff N. Tomaneng

LinkedIn: @JeffreyTomaneng

Twitter: @TomanengJeff


Chris Boyd, CFP:

FB: @Asset-Management-Resources-LLC-127731740611374

Twitter: @SMoreChrisBoyd, @AssetMgmtRsrcs