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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Aug 17, 2020

With the pending wave of an aging population, Bob Mauterstock and Annalee Kruger tell us about the new course curriculum they’ve devised intended to aid financial advisors to stand out and gain the expertise needed to become a leader in this new field of longevity planners.  The Elder Planning Specialist program is the topic of this 50th episode.  For those considering an area of specialty in working with older retirees, get ideas of the issues to consider as you develop your expertise.  

Elder Planning Specialist curriculum topics include: Understanding the Aging Process, The Caregiver’s Role, Understanding the Old-Old, Legal Issues of Aging, Long Term Care and Long Term Care Insurance, Social Security and Medicare Planning, Diminished Capacity, Elder Abuse, End of Life Plans, Structuring and Conducting the Family Meeting, Developing a Marketing Plan, & Building an Elder Planning Team.

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