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Wicked Pissah Podcast

Sep 14, 2019

Mike Byrnes, national speaker, President, Byrnes Consulting, LLC and part of the Financial Planning Association’s Coaches Corner, is interviewed by Chris Boyd, Chair of the FPA of MA board of directors, on this episode of the FPA of Massachusetts’ Wicked Pissah Podcast.

 Here are some of the highlights of the conversation between Chris and Mike that took place July 31, 2019:

  • 5:32 What is your business?  Mike gave a brief overview of how Byrnes Consulting helps financial planners.
  • 5:51 What is the FPA’s Coaches Corner?  Mike mentioned how he helps with “Business Growth Strategies.”
  • 11:54 What have you done so far for the Coaches Corner?  Mike talked about his ‘infotainment’ videos, articles, worksheets and some new projects currently being developed for financial planners.
  • 18:41 Should videos be professionally done?  Mike talked about creating a personal brand, including videos, photos, LinkedIn profiles and more.
  • 25:10 What are some growth strategies?  Mike discussed what he coined the ‘Fist of Growth,’ with five areas where advisors can be growing.
  • 30:30 What about business plans?  Mike explained the power of business planning.
  • 32:50 How to do better with strategic alliances?  Mike shared multiple best practices to get more business from other professionals, companies, etc.
  • 41:04 What about client referrals?  Mike talked about how to get more from clients that are already advocates, including some best practices around event marketing.

 Find Mike’s FPA Coaches Corner page:  Log in at  Click on “Coaches Corner” in the blue menu at the top of the page.  Then on that page click on Business Growth Strategies.

Learn more about Byrnes Consulting and contact Mike directly: 

To learn more about the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts visit: